Tango 250: Alfredo De Angelis

About Alfredo De Angelis

Alfredo De Angelis with Carlos Dante and Julio Martel

De Angelis was born in Buenos Aires in 1910 and died there in 1992. A pianist, he formed his orchestra in 1941. He recorded for Odeón between 1943 and 1977 and several other labels up to 1985.

He recorded with many singers over a long career, but the most notable were Julio Martel (1943-1950) (replaced by Oscar Larroca from 1951), Floreal Ruíz (1943-44) and his replacement, Carlos Dante (1944-57).

The suggested Tango 250 collection features early vocal tandas with Ruíz and with Dante and Martel (tango and vals duets).

De Angelis (Ruíz) 1943-44

Ruiz only recorded seven sides with De Angelis before leaving to join the more prestigious Troilo orchestra (replacing Fiorentino). These songs are therefore some of the earliest De Angelis recordings, and they typify his straightforward and undemanding style.

  • Marioneta (23-Jul-43)
  • Déjame así (10-Aug-43)
  • Madre (3-Jun-44)
  • Bajo el cono azul (29-Feb-44)

De Angelis (Dante & Martel) 1945-48

The voices of Dante and Martel were well matched and while they both recorded separately, it is probably their duets that are most favoured by dancers even though they were only a small part of the orchestra’s total output.

  • Pregonera (26-Mar-45)
  • Selección de tangos de Discépolo (11-Jun-48)
  • Pastora (16-Apr-48)
  • Adiós, marinero (27-Dec-46)

De Angelis (Dante & Martel) 1944-47 (Vals)

The De Angelis orchestra is at its best in the early vals duets. The arrangements are playful and upbeat, and while De Angelis continued to record duets after Martel’s departure (with Dante and Larroca), they are rarely played today.

  • Soñar y nada más (29-Aug-44)
  • Pobre flor (7-Jan-46)
  • Flores del alma (3-Jul-47)

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