Tango 250: Osvaldo Fresedo

About Osvaldo Fresedo

Osvaldo Fresedo

Fresedo was born in Buenos Aires in 1897 and died there in 1984. He was a bandoneonist, forming his orchestra in 1918. He recorded prolifically with Odeón (1926-28), for Brunswick (1931-32) and then with Victor (1933-48). He switched to Columbia (1950-52) before returning to Odeón (1952-57), and then Columbia again (1959-80), although those final years are of little interest to dancers.

Most of his early recordings were instrumental, but he recorded regularly with Ernesto Famá (1927-28), but his most notable singer was the tenor, Roberto Ray (1933-39 & 1948-50). Other singers included Ricardo Ruiz (1939-1941), Oscar Serpa (1942-1946) and Héctor Pacheco (1951-55).

The suggested Tango 250 collection features tango tandas from the 1930s: one instrumental and the other with Roberto Ray.

Fresedo (Ray) 1933-37

After Fresedo’s break with Odeón in 1928, his recorded output became almost exclusively vocal. The arrangements are elegant and refined, and the pace is usually quite slow. Ray’s voice suits the orchestral style perfectly.

  • Niebla del Riachuelo (17-Sep-37)
  • Sollozos (22-Feb-37)
  • Vida mía (13-Sep-33)
  • Pampero (15-Feb-35)

Fresedo (Instrumental) 1933-39

The Fresedo instrumentals (and there are not many) generally have more rhythmic energy than the vocals, while retaining an unmistakable feeling of elegance and refinement.

  • Poliya (16-Nov-39)
  • La clavada (27-Dec-33)
  • Tigre viejo (16-Aug-34)
  • Firulete (16-Nov-39)

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