Tango 250: Osvaldo Pugliese

About Osvaldo Pugliese

Osvaldo Pugliese
Osvaldo Pugliese

Pugliese was born in 1905 in Buenos Aires and died there in 1995. He was a pianist and played with the orchestras of Firpo, Maffia, Vardaro and Caló before forming his own tango orchestra in 1939. He recorded for Odeón between 1943 and 1986 and also for Stentor and Philips after 1960.

He worked with many singers over a long career, the most important of which were Roberto Chanel (1943-47), Alberto Morán (1945-54) and Jorge Maciel (1954-67), but he is perhaps best known, today, for a handful of dramatic instrumentals. He recorded very few valses or milongas.

The suggested Tango 250 collection features tandas with Chanel, Morán and an instrumental tanda from 1944-46.

Pugliese (Chanel) 1943-46

The tanda opens with Pugliese’s debut recording, Farol. The four songs illustrate different aspects of Pugliese’s early style in the years leading up to La yumba – the first of the great instrumental masterpieces.

  • Farol (15-Jul-43)
  • Nada más que un corazón (24-Nov-44)
  • El sueño del pibe (22-Mar-45)
  • Fuimos (28-Mar-46)

Pugliese (Instrumental) 1944-46

The tanda opens with one of the earliest instrumentals, Recuerdo, with its wonderful variacion for solo bandoneon, played by Osvaldo Ruggiero. The steady pulse and quiet intensity both point to La yumba, which ends the tanda.

  • Recuerdo (31-Mar-44)
  • Adiós, Bardi (17-Oct-44)
  • Las marionetas (11-Jun-44)
  • La yumba (21-Aug-46)

Pugliese (Morán) 1945

The character of Morán’s voice is very different from Chanel’s. These four songs, all recorded within nine months in 1945, illustrate a different aspect of Pugliese’s rapidly maturing style.

  • Yuyo verde (25-Jan-45)
  • Maleza (28-May-45)
  • Mentira (24-Sep-45)
  • El abrojito (24-Jun-45)

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