Tango 250: Pedro Laurenz

About Pedro Laurenz

Pedro Laurenz
Pedro Laurenz

Laurenz was born in Buenos Aires in 1902 and died there in 1972. He played bandoneon, including in the orchestras of Julio de Caro and Pedro Maffia, before forming his own orchestra in 1934. He recorded with Victor (1937-43), Odeón (1943-47) and Pathé (1952-53).

Although his recorded output was modest, he worked with many singers, the most notable of which was Alberto Podestá (1943-44).

The suggested Tango 250 collection features two tango tandas with Podestá.

Laurenz (Podestá) 1943

The young Podestá had previously been singing with Di Sarli’s orchestra, and his arrival in 1943 coincided with the absolute peak of the Golden Age (certainly in terms of the integration of the singer as an instrument of the orchestra, carrying the lyric) and also in the quality of his own singing. The arrangements are sophisticated and understated. The music is reflective, almost as though the musicians were playing for each other.

  • Recién (22-Sep-43)
  • Yo quiero cantar un tango (16-Nov-43)
  • Que nunca me falte (22-Sep-43)
  • Garúa (6-Aug-43)

Laurenz (Podestá) 1943#2

This tanda opens with one of the highlights of the Laurenz/Podestá partnership: Alma de bohemio, with an amazing opening phrase from Podestá (which catches out inexperienced dancers regularly). The remaining songs are classic Laurenz: with a style that has a perfect blend of rhythmic and lyrical elements.

  • Nunca tuvo novio (16-Apr-43)
  • Veinticuatro de agosto (16-Apr-43)
  • Patria mía (15-Jul-43)
  • Alma de bohemio (15-Jul-43)

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